About Us

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, we’ve always been surrounded by the ever-changing trends and styles in the world of fashion and glamour. We’ve been influenced and followed trends, and our styles have changed - but one thing that has remained constant is our love for jewelry and crystals.
We watched our two loves come together and noticed people loving crystal jewelry and accessories, so, we dove into the market ourselves only to realize how deep we would have to burn our pockets to bring some of that home. We set out on a mission to bring customers affordable crystal jewelry and accessories. And that’s how Fiery Nova was born.

We strive to bring to you the best, timeless, and trendy pieces to enhance your wardrobe so you look and feel great, at rates that don’t shock you.

We hope these pieces add joy and a spark, not just to your outfit, but to your life as well.

Happy Shopping!


Fiery Nova